About Amoliņi

Guest house Amoliņi are located in quiet and beautiful place near Lake Engure and is surrounded by pine trees. In our guest house you can enjoy leisurely rest, take a break from frantic every day rhythm and revel in nature. We also offer various active recreation opportunities.



Mērsrags historical name is Markgrafen (from Germany). In 1935, it had population of 1696 citizens, population census in June 2016 accounted 1502 citizens. Mērsrags rural territory had: 1 sawmill, 1 winery, 1 kalafonia factory and 7 grocery markets and 1 vodka retail. The total area of the municipality includes Mērsrags canal (dug in 1842-4843) and Lake Engure. In 1800 the first sea ship called «Maria», was launched from dockyard. Altogether 22 sailing ships were built in Mērsrags. Mērsrags harbor is one of most important logistic centers in North Courland. Current territory of guest house Amoliņi is historically beloved tourist destination, right beside Mērsrags canal. From chronicles of year 1922: "Color of Baltic sea is greenish and further near big rivers estuary’s it is bright green. Only near Mērsrags, where sea bottom has red clay, sea water looks red." Doesn’t it sound incredible!

Lake Engure. Lake Engure is an ancient sea lagoon, divided from sea by wide sand bar with dunes. Its average depth is 4-5 ft., but in the middle it can reach even 7 ft. deep. In 1842, when Mērsrags canal was dug, water level went down and additional 15 km2 of agricultural land was acquired. Reed from west side of lake shore was used for plaiting chairs.